Top 9 Trends In Web Development And Technology For 2020 – With the evolving technology, trends are shifting in real-time. Staying afloat on the digital market requires developers to tune in to the latest happening in the Web Development Trends. 

Read our guide below for the top 10 trends in Web Development & Technology for 2020. 

1. Targeted Personalized Service with Artificial Intelligence

One of the practical benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the capability to adapt to a user’s need by giving personalized assistance. AI observes the way visitors access your website and it will give you a better idea of their expectation metrics and what you can tweak for future performance.  Pre-built tools like Microsoft’s Cognitive Services can analyze visitors’ behavior. Hit chain businesses like Starbucks use AI to personalize their customers’ drive-thru experience through the collected data from the customers’ mobile app, and it will generate a recommendation based on their transaction histories.  AI application becomes apparent in the healthcare industry, such as the personal healthcare developed by TELUS to assist people in consultation with a doctor, healthcare data management, and checking symptoms.   

2. Code like a pro with your favorite programming language

There are so many programming languages to choose from, but it comes with the time grinding effort to learn it all. However, you can pick up ones that will directly affect your web development design. Languages like Python have plenty of online documentation and it’s often used on the web and AI development. Another option is JavaScript, which specialized in front-end development and almost used for 95 percent of websites. Being fluent in either Yarn or NPM (Node Package Manager) will speed your coding process as you can reuse codes to design your website.  Older languages like C still rules, and its derivatives in Java and C# comes with updated tools and features that are better suited for modern use. You can go for open-source languages such as Google’s Golang to build your website.

3. Frameworks

  • JavaScript Frameworks

Frameworks have different objectives of the design. There are many options to choose from, such as the older generation like React and Vue that offer new features and tools. For Static Site Generation or server-side rendering, you have Next.js for React and Nuxt for Vue. If you need an integrated Agility CMS with a framework, a React-based framework called GatsbyJS now has a source-plugin provided by Agility CMS, and with this, you can publish your website and garner fast performance for free.

  • CSS Libraries and Frameworks

Bulma and Tailwinds are an example of CSS libraries that speed up your front-end design process. Both libraries have a database of layout and pre-defined component ideas for you to get inspired from. There are now Bootstrap-based web apps, build by the platform to create the website to your liking. It might take time to master, but will be worth it in the end.

  • Web Components 

HTML tags are reusable thanks to a set of web platform APIs called Web Components. Create custom HTML tags in building your web pages. You’re in luck if you know your way with libraries such as React, as Web Components is similar to it.  

4. Best Static Web Host 

Great website hosting affects website performance. JAMstack is one web hosting that offers high performance for your website, and developing a website is made easier with this web hosting. Another option is Netlify. Based in San Fransisco, it offers the infrastructure for JAMstack websites, but it’s also an affordable next-gen web host and automation. Netlify’s Co-founder, Mathias Biilmann also helps develop JAMstack.

5. Headless CMS

Broken pages and difficult design can drive visitors away, but with a headless CMS, you can avoid these problems. It is adaptable to digital touchpoints and helps your website looking aesthetic. It’s a potential tool as mobile traffic rate is expected to reach 46 percent annual growth with 77.5 exabytes per month on the global scale from data by Statista. Using headless CMS will not limit you in choosing your favorite framework and programming language, as long as it does not interfere with CMS.

6. Single Page, Forever

A Single Page Application (SPA) rewrites the current page instead of opening the clicked menu on different tabs. It’s a highly-optimized approach to save users’ time. It’s also easy to navigate in any device. 

7. Chatbots can assist you 

Chatbots are based on AI and omnichannel for customer service and automated purposes. It’s widely applied in the marketing and analytics field. The famous chatbots are Cortana, Siri, Amazon, Alexa. They have helped small scale businesses and big enterprises automating their business flow and generating clear and targeted data. Chatbots can assist visitors to your website on suggesting the recommendation of what previous visitors before them have looked for on your website. Plus, Chatbots are friendly and they can be entertaining too. 

8. Website with the app-like feature using PWA 

Since not everyone lives in a place with stable internet connection and their smartphone’s models that may not up to the latest OS, delivering Progressive Web Applications (PWA) experience on your website will be a convenient one. Visitors can then access your website offline and synced to multiple devices. The website will feel and look like the interface of the app in their phone browsers, so this will fit well for small screen users. 

9. High-performance web with WebAssembly 

A website with native-like experience is the standard in the latest web development. The tools that made this possible is WebAssembly or WASM, a fast binary format designed to be a compilation target not limited to one language. WASM is thought to be a competitor for JavaScript, but it’s better to see these tools as complementary to one another. WASM is used for client-side apps writing for the website. It’s also key to a high-performance web application in the respective language. For example, CAD and video editing software are built with WASM to optimise their overall performance. 

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