The Top 13 Web Development Trends You Should Watch Out This Year Web development has always been a dynamic challenge for developers to conquer. The digital world moves on an unforgiving pace, triggering us to trace where it lands next. 

Rest assured, as today we will cover the top 13 web development you can find hanging around the net this year. 

1. Machine learning

You want to improve your visitors’ engagement and conversion rate, but the outdated technology seemed to only slower your process. That’s why machine learning comes into existence. They’re automated processes that do the technical job for you, from data analyzing, trends catcher to decision-makers, and more.  

By integrating machine learning into a website, you can get a deeper understanding of your visitors’ objectives and demands. 

Using machine learning as a tool isn’t a new thing, as company Airbnb analyzes their hosts’ response and which search results likely to get accepted in ranks. This step helps them know the conversion rate through A/B testing, and since an increase is noted, the recorded algorithm is now used for serving future visitors.

2. WebAssembly

If machine learning improves the overall customers’ experience, in WebAssembly’s case, it’s intended to improve your website’s performance. By compiling the code of programming language into bytecode, it will let browsers load faster. WebAssemly or wasm has also found use in the non-browser application, making it a versatile compiler. 

3. Voice search

A voice search a day keeps the greasy fingers away. There’s a reason why the daily search volumes in your search engines can pile up to a thousand queries. Maybe more. Every time you have a question, you type in it and a half-second results appear. But it gets a little bit practical. No typing, just reading out lout your request. And the result will appear at the same time. Then it gets a little bit more interactive than before due to the use of AI. So what do we have now? A lively, and sometimes sassy, voice search assistant. I bet you see no reason to avoid optimizing your website for the voice search now. Because they’re fun, and people will use them. Millions of them.

4. Chat Bots

It’s easy to see why chatbots are included in one of the trends. It’s interactive, and that’s how the digital culture is. Chatbots aren’t mere online assistant, they can give visitors a list of options that might help them. And usually, they do. Again, the use of AI and machine learning in chatbots make these tools capable of both offering assistance to the visitors, while offering you the solution to visitors related inquiries. Beneath the friendly exterior is a simplified complex process presenting you the data you know you need, in turn of better customers profile and expectation of your website.

5. Progressive Web Applications

Nothing beats a seamless digital experience. PWA addresses this desire by saving what’s needed fast, and that means having your website accessible in offline mode. As we spend most of our time on smartphones, PWA offers a native mobile app-like experience. Thus, making your website interface beautiful and fitting for smartphone users.  

6. Single Page Applications

Based on angular and react frameworks, the SPA creates a responsive website that guarantees a lagging-free experience.  It’s done by having visitors access a single page type website without the usual page reload. 

7. Thriving Push Notifications

Push notification is cool, but won’t be when overdone. You can let visitors or subscribers of your website know the latest discussion, blog post, wholesome offers, and more. You can make them sound personal, which will only make your subscribers swarm into your website.

8. AMP 

A website builder that puts user’s experience on the front, AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages enhances your website’s look, feel, and speed. 


RAIL or Response Animation Idle Load is a hybrid of the tap, drag, scroll action on a website, with better performance, according to Smashing Magazine. It should be in demand in the future, as the user-centric method have a swift load time of less than a second.

10. Blockchain

Blockchain is a decentralized system for transaction records. It’s secure and can effectively reduce the financial cost and settlement transactions. 

11. Browser Extensions

Extensions have become an almost integral part of your browser, but sometimes, we have trust issues with them. However, you can create customize extension of your preference on your own or by hiring an expert in web development. 

As privacy should be the number one concern, taking it into account when designing an extension will create long-term popularity and trust from the user to your brand.

12. Motion UI

Motion UI is intended for smooth animation and seamless transition in the UI. It is a Sass library with the underlying principle: informative focused, and expressive. You can experiment on the libraries for creating animated content without being an expert first in JS or jQuery library. 

13. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

Get an immersive user’s experience with virtual reality and augmented reality. It lets us not only see the virtual world but also to be surrounded by it. It has taken interactivity to a whole new level. Famous companies like Samsung and Google have focused on these technologies, and their collective market is predicted to reach $215b next year

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