8 Web Development Trends To Enhance Your Traffic In 2020

cakapdigital.com – The web development trends are always changing, and it’s important to know the current ones to build a strong online presence for your business to gain the deserved momentum and high-search volume on the web. 

Let’s have a look at the top current trends for web development in 2020: 

1.  Progressive Web Apps

Make your website loading time pass the three-second mark with native interface and chances are, losing potential visitors is a given. People are becoming more efficient in their digital activities, and they won’t waste it on sluggish websites. Progressive Web Apps (PWA) solves this problem by an intuitive design that makes the interface compact, but not overloaded. The fonts are adjusted to the user’s phone screen, push notification is readily available on top, and URL is hidden unless a user deliberately finds it on the top panel. The web pages are accessible even when the user goes offline. 

PWA is highly preferred that 85 percent of people prefer mobile apps according to a recent studyIn a Google report, a 53 percent mobile site got abandoned when it needs more than three seconds to load its page. So now you can see why using PWA is a wise choice, unless a handful or maybe hundreds of leaving visitors don’t sound like a missed opportunity to you.  

2. Chatbots

When a visitor is wondering around your website, a popup chat appears with the display picture of either a real person or an avatar, offering assistance. This popup chat is called chatbot, and it’s often used in many websites to help visitors navigate their online voyage on the website they visited. 

The trend dates back to 2019, yet remains today. 

The reason is simple. Chatbots make visitors feel welcomed and being cared for. They can ask a question and list the already asked ones. They can direct visitors to online support, and overall their presence increases your website’s appeal. It gives off the impression that your website is ready to address the visitors’ problems. If you’re still on the fence about chatbots, take a look at this article that talks about the future of chatbots and AI. If that still doesn’t convince you, there are always other methods to improve your visitor’s experience.

3. Javascript Frameworks

Frameworks save your time on coding pages. If you’re a developer, with Javascript Frameworks you can reuse a function countless times. These are the list of available frameworks in the market: 






Make a beautiful website while valuing your time and efforts with your chosen frameworks.

4. Page Load Acceleration

The thing with user’s preferences nowadays is, the speed of consumerism is increased greatly thanks to the advancement of technology, so when users encounter something that doesn’t up on par to what they’re used to, they simply go away and never return, most of the time. So many substitutes are available, and article recommendation will give a list of ten other services that might offer what your website doesn’t, so there isn’t a room for a second chance. With the smartphone users in mind, a big company like Google developed accelerated mobile web pages that load in a glance. This technology allows the integration of smart ads with package data-demanding contents, such as pictures, gif, and videos. 

As a developer, you can optimize your website by simplifying your coding to avoid cluttered design. You can eliminate unnecessary pictures or compresses them whenever possible with Compressor.io. Custom fonts are high-maintenance as they mostly have tons of codes, so using them for every font might turn your website cranky instead of being lightweight for users.

5. Single Page Design

A single page website depends on your website design. Does your website have more than one menu? If yes, then maybe this feature would limit instead of ease the users. But, if your contents are organized on one page instead of multiple pages, then applying the single page design is recommended as users won’t have to navigate to other tabs to access different information. 

6. Low Code Development Platform

Instead of the conventional programming that requires hefty knowledge of it, Low Code Development Platform (LCDP) cut the time needed on hand coding and speed up the process in a business setting. If you’re a beginner and still have so much to learn, using LCDP can help you build your website faster. 

7. Cyber Security

Websites can be vulnerable to cyber attacks, therefore having preventive measurements and tools will help to reduce the risk of exposure to these online threats. There many methods available to tackle and prevent cybersecurity issues, and you’re better off strengthening these areas if you want to build a safe and secure web with minimal risk to cyber-attacks.

8. Voice Search Optimization

Voice search queries have increased 35 times since 2008.  Echo and Alexa are one of those famous virtual assistants who are frequently used to do a voice search. Optimizing your website to align with voice search queries will help your website ranked as it appears on top of the voice search. 


Finally, developing your website requires your time and effort. By keeping up with the latest trends, you will be able to improve your website performance and interface. Hiring a software development company can be an option too if you’re not confident with your skills yet. 

But what’s more important is, keep on optimizing your website and be adept to change in trends. And before you know it, you’ll have the website of your dream with tons of traffics and valuable content. 

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